FILM/MUSIC: Dancer in the Dark

Lars von Trier's classic, starring and scored by Björk

Most vagy soha!

A spectacular historical film about Petőfi and the great day of the March Revolution.


Opera film by Kornél Mundruczó, composed by Zsófia Tallér - April 19, 2024

FILM/MUSIC: Werckmeister Harmonies

Movie by Béla Tarr, original score by Mihály Víg - April 15, 2024

FILM/MUSIC: The Dog's Night Song

An avant-garde classical from the 80s - April 14, 2024

Agent of Happiness - Pre-Premier

April 30 at 6 pm

Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia

The true story of the rivalry between Audi and Lancia in the 1983 World Rally Championship.

Back to Black

A biographical film about Amy Winehouse. Her music, her life, her legacy.

Carte Rouge – Vörös térkép

Film about the map showing the peoples of Hungary in 1910, which was ignored in Trianon

Thabo and the Rhino Case

Thabo wants to become a private detective

Celluloid Nights by Cinema Niche:The Thin Red Line

Terrence Malick's classic from a 35 mm copy!

How to have sex

Three friends go on vacation after high school, but they don't count on the weight of their decisions.

La Chimera

A young British archaeologist becomes involved with an international network involved in robbing Etruscan tombs.

Pelikan Blue

This is how young Hungarians traveled to the West with forged train tickets

Bolero - Pre-Premier

Discover the secret behind the creation of the world's most famous piece of music!


The latest French comedy starring Christian Clavier
»Apr. 13. – Saturday«
TicketsCall Us11:00     Fábri terem

Carte Rouge – Vörös térkép (12)

TicketsCall Us11:00     Díszterem

Thabo and the Rhino Case (12)

TicketsCall Us11:00     Csortos terem

Whale Nation (12)

TicketsCall Us13:00     Díszterem

The Zone of Interest (16)

TicketsCall Us14:00     Csortos terem

Cocorico (12)

TicketsCall Us14:00     Fábri terem

Dance First (16)

TicketsCall Us15:00     Díszterem

Most vagy soha! (12)

TicketsCall Us16:00     Csortos terem

Perfect Days (12)

TicketsCall Us16:00     Fábri terem

Bernadette (12)

TicketsCall Us18:00     Fábri terem

Kalman's Day (16)

TicketsCall Us20:00     Fábri terem

Back to Black (16)

TicketsCall Us20:15     Csortos terem

Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia (12)

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Az Ismeretlen Uránia - kötet

Itáliai utazás 2023-24

Exhibition On Screen - 2023

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Uránia Aranykönyv

Bolero - Pre-Premier
2024.04.14 16:00 - 18:00
2024.04.14 19:00 - 21:25
FILM/MUSIC: Werckmaiser Harmonies
2024.04.15 19:30 - 22:00
Occupied City
2024.04.16 18:00 - 22:00
FILM/MUSIC: Dancer in the Dark
2024.04.17 19:00 - 21:30
2024.04.19 20:00 - 21:30
FILM/MUSIC: Ennio Morricone
2024.04.20 16:00 - 18:45
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